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Roman Klecha

The founder of Great Stone

Roman has been working with granite countertops since 1997. He started from the bottom making his way to the top. He started with installing granite countertops and then got trained to measure, cut and polish the stone. He is a perfectionist when doing any job. Roman says, “It is my passion to provide five star service to my customers and make sure the job is done right. I cannot stand to come to a client’s home and see a granite countertop that is cut, polished and installed to the highest quality. There were many times that I was called to come and fix something that was not done perfectly. At Great Stone, we strive to provide top notch service and quality to our customers.”

Tomasz Kostka

Shop Manager

Tomasz began his professional career in the stone industry in 2012. He was brought on board because of his precision and dedication. He used to work as a car mechanic and then as a welder. He is the one that examines the granite before it goes out to the customer to make sure every inch and angle is at its finest. Tomasz says, “It makes me value my job so much more when I see my customers satisfied with the finished product. When I do a job for my customers, it’s like doing a job for myself, it has to be done to the highest standards.”

Marta Kostka

Office Manager

Marta Kostka is the daughter of the founder. She graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor degree in Business Management in 2015. She has been working with her father since day one. She takes care of the paperwork and anything that is needed to run the business. Marta said, “This is not only a business for us, it is our passion. We make sure that every customer receives the highest quality service and product. Seeing the passion that my father has to help every customer to the best of his ability drives my passion for the company also. What I admire most about my father’s passion is that we try to get a job done as soon as possible for each client, even if it means working overtime. We strive to provide the best possible service for our clients.”